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     Steven Evans, President and Senior Research Scientist                               

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      Debra Fuller, Research Associate

      Judie Schroeder-Smith, Research Associate

        Alicia Alvarez, Consultant

      Kathleen Lyons, Consultant

      Dianne Calder, Consultant



   Steven Evans, M.S., President and Senior Research Scientist, brings 38 years of professional health care research to the development of Protocols of Care. He has designed and implemented several national clinical trials and has contributed in total over 100 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, books, or keynote addresses in 10 countries.  He has provided over 22,5000 consultations over the past 10 years to clients in 10 countries and over four continents.


Steven Evans -- Resume Summary


Steven Evans has been actively engaged in health-sciences-related research, development, and its practical implementation for over 40 years, including the fields of nursing clinical practice, hereditary cancer, genetics, genetic counseling support system, health sciences knowledge discovery, health sciences education, and nutritional supplements (particularly related to cancer prevention).  He is the co-founder of six corporations involving applications of his medical research.  Also as a contributor to these fields, he has disseminated and discussed his research and analysis in over 100 journal articles and/or professional presentations, monographs, chapters, books, or technical papers.  He obtained what is believed to be the earliest patent on a health-sciences-related artificial intelligence (AI) application (1984-COMMES System) as well as the first patent on data mining discovery methods applied to hereditary cancer.  His research areas have included non-numeric simulations, expert systems, neural networks, and knowledge discovery/data mining methodologies, as well as hereditary cancer syndromes, genetic metabolic pathway elucidation, and nutritional supplement research.


His undergraduate studies emphasized mathematics and psychology, and his doctoral-level graduate studies focused on applied mathematics, cognitive psychology, and computer science, particularly the then-newly-unfolding area of artificial intelligence.  His first position as faculty member in the Business School of Carnegie-Mellon University (1971-74) was a full-time research position, leading to the development of expert-system-supported medical diagnosis and innovative theories to structure health sciences clinical information.  In 1975, Evans founded the Office of Instructional Science Research within Creighton University's Health Sciences Center, in Omaha, Nebraska to implement these theories and applications.  Successfully securing funding for this multi-million dollar application of his prior research applied to health sciences clinical practice, he developed the Total-System Design (TSD) process as well as the COMMES (Expert Consulting) System and the Hereditary Cancer Consulting System (HCCS).  In 1985, he founded the Knowledge Systems Center within the Health Sciences to provide consultation to government and industry.


In 1987, he founded Health Care Expert Systems, Inc. to disseminate the COMMES Health Sciences System as a hospital-wide system product.  As co-founder of the first Genetic Systems Management (GSM), Inc. in 1990, Evans commercially implemented the expert-systems-based HCCS in conjunction with the Hereditary Cancer Institute (HCI) within Creighton's Medical School.  In 1993, he successfully secured corporate affiliation with OncorMed, Inc., which acquired GSM and spearheaded extensions of this hereditary cancer risk assessment service.  HCCS was distributed to cancer centers nationwide while additional AI advances were concurrently incorporated (e.g., application of Evans' patented RecognizerTM data mining process for hereditary cancer detection).  After several acquisitions of GSM, under which Evans continued to expand the focus of GSM, Evans and his colleague Dr. Jerome B. Block [Chief of Medical Oncology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center] bought back GSM, reincorporated, and expanded its focus.  Evans and Block designed and launched an international clinical trial initiative, initially focusing on cancer prevention and the prevention of cancer recurrences. 


As a separate initiative, Evans founded the Therapeutics Research Institute (TRI), a non-profit corporation, to identify complementary and alternative medicine approaches particularly to cancer treatment, prevention, and care.  That focus has now expanded to identifying alternative medicine approaches to all diseases.  On behalf of TRI, Evans is currently providing consultations (without charge) regarding his research and alternative medicine protocol developments to clients in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and China and is also Editor-in-Chief of a nutraceutical information newsletter distributed nationally and internationally (without charge).  He is also author of Cancer Control, an information resource on cancer care and associated topics, provided without charge by TRI.  TRI has no fees for any services provided, nor sells any products.


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   Debra Fuller is a Research Associate for Therapeutics Research Institute. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Myrrh Foundation based in Baltimore, Maryland.  Debra has been addressing issues and challenges in health care for over 20 years. Both as a previous health care provider as well as an ongoing research for TRI, her interests and contributions have spanned the continuum from the implementation of health care for patients to the research underpinnings that may enhance it.

Her long-term interests have focused on the great discrepancy between the potential availability of effective health interventions and the financial as well as informational barriers that have precluded their usage. Over the past decade, she has undertaken the planning and now the implementation of the Myrrh Foundation to address this need.

Drawing on her very high level of expertise in organizational and administrative management with extensive experience in complex project implementation, she brings these skills to the formation and implementation of the Myrrh Foundation. In concert with these resources, her extensive networking in related health care areas further enhances the potential successes for the Foundation's mission.  Presently she is also spearheading a mini-trial via the Myrrh Foundation based on TRI’s research-based HIV/AIDS protocol.


  Judie Schroeder-Smith, is a Research Associate for Therapeutics Research Institute.  She is also a Certified Medical Assistant, having been in the healthcare field for over 35 years in a variety of settings and specialties, including pioneering the first Associate Degree Medical Assisting Program in Illinois, after which she worked for two Fortune 100 Companies in Sales and Marketing.  The last 10 years have been spent studying and implementing holistic, complementary modalities to traditional medical care.  She relocated to Omaha, Nebraska from Houston, Texas earlier this year to work as a Research Associate for Therapeutics Research Institute as well as for Patricia Kemmy Ryan, M.D., CCN, Director of Alternatives, A Center for Conscious Choice.  Her responsibilities include documenting successes of the use of integrative medicine and creating educational and training videos.


  Alicia Alvarez, MS, PhD, is a Consultant to Therapeutics Research Institute.  She is also the founder and chairman of The Women and Cancer Fund.  A philanthropist and humanitarian, she has dedicated her life to seeking solutions to worldwide problems. Dr. Alvarez has been in the health field since she was 11 years old when alongside her mother (a Public Health Administrator), she dispensed the polio vaccination to children in the rural areas of Argentina.

Alicia was the first (Governor appointed) Chairman of the Arizona Women's Cancer Network, CEO of the Menninger Foundation's CHARLEE program for children, Community Health Administrator of St. Luke's Hospital, and Maricopa Medical Systems in Arizona, and was contracted with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Gila River Indian Community, Ak-Chin Indian Reservation, Navajo Nation and Hopi Indian Reservation. Dr. Alvarez was also the Legislative Assistant to the 76th Assembly District and has been a Trustee of the De Sales University Board of Trustees.

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  Kathleen Lyons is a Consultant to Therapeutics Research Institute, is a resident of Omaha and has been active in the alternative medicine field for over twenty years.


Dianne Calder is a Consultant to Therapeutics Research Institute, has been in the health care field for over a decade,  She is a Reiki II practitioner, aromatherapy and Bach Remedies expert, making her own tinctures, as well as performing pendulum work, and creating innovative tools for making people who are sick feel better.