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Cancer Control Project

The Therapeutics Research Institute (TRI) has been working on developing useful protocols of care for cancer for over 25 years.  Toward this end, it has assembled some of the best advice and consultations that it can and incorporated them into a single volume entitled: 

Cancer Control – The New Protocol (CTP9.6)

Basic Principles, Strategies, and Interventions

In this book, the first Protocol [Protocol A] identifies those key supplements that may inhibit metastasis.  The second Protocol [Protocol B] lists the supplements that may help to control cancer cells or destroy them.  The third Protocol [Protocol C] gives supplements that may contribute to additional cancer control and cancer cell destruction if added power is needed.  Specific doses are identified along with suggested products.  Finally a recently completed Immune boosting Protocol has been added, after over five years of research, that is compatible with any of the prior protocols and may assist your own immune system is controlling cancer.

There are additional chapters covering topics which we believe would be of interest to those who have cancer or wish to reduce their cancer risk.

The book is made available without charge as a presentation of the collected research by TRI.  In addition, TRI has no connection with any products recommended, no financial interests in any way, and sells no products itself.  This Book is a guide that one may use in conjunction with their own research and the advice of their health care team.   The book may be downloaded without charge from this site for any interested readers. 

For specific questions about the content in the book, you may email the Senior Research Scientist for TRI, Steven Evans, at sevans@gsm-usa.com and put in the Subject line, “Cancer Control Book.”  Keep in mind, with 100's of inquiries a day, there is already a significant backlog of inquiries and responses can take a length of time.  Steve Evans will personally respond but there are simply a great number of clients and inquiries ahead of you in the queue.

To download a copy of the eBook, click    HERE