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Ordering A Fukushima Radiation Protection Kit


Just as some change their own oil and others may go to a commercial place as Jiffy Lube, we recognize that many have already asked us to assemble the entire Fukushima Radiation Protection Kit for them.  This we have arranged through our affiliate, Genetic Services Management Inc., which has constructed Kits meticulously according to our specifications.


The Full Kit contains the 8 critical supplements plus some other additional important components. These are:


Key Supplement Ingredients:

1.   Iodide/Iodine combination

2.   Ginkgo biloba

3.   N-Acetyl- Cysteine (NAC)

4.   Green Tea Extract

5.   Alpha Lipoic Acid

6.   PectiPure

7.   SignaturesTM Water Immune Support

8.   Baking Soda


Additional Contents:

9.    Radiation Protection Booklet/Dose Guide with Additional Discussions

10.  Dosimeter radiation detector badge and its User’s Guide

       Kit holder for all the Contents


As you see, the Full Kit combines the supplements with a Mini-Book with a wide range of important information and extended discussions, a detection badge that shows your accumulated cesium/gamma ray exposure (if any) plus the Kit holder.  The present cost of the Kit is $129 [shipping is free within the USA].


You may also order the “Core Regimen” as described in the “Solution” section for $65 for this limited risk Protocol [shipping within the USA is free].


Use the “Dosage” section under the “Solution” tab to determine your own needs.


To actually order either kit, go to www.protocols4health.com and select the Order Fukushima Kit tab or click the GO button below.