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HIV/AIDS Control Project

The Therapeutics Research Institute (TRI) uncovered a number of years ago an approach to controlling HIV/AIDS through a simple supplement intervention.  We in fact found a missionary group [Adventures in Missions] that has taken this supplement for over a decade to orphanages in Africa [primarily Swaziland] where this intervention program, called Seeds of Hope, has been applied.   Some of the orphanages that participated in the studies conducted blood tests of their HIV+ children after the treatment and discovered that the HIV antibodies were no longer present in the bloodstream.   Overall the positive impact on HIV has been consistently and simply utterly extraordinary. Through a daily intake of one spoonful of this supplement, study participants also experienced a staggering 90-97% reduction rate in various diseases.  In addition, the FDA stated that in addition to having anti-cancer properties lignans also have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

This natural, over-the-counter simple supplement costs pennies a day.  And that is the primary problem: there is no money to be made to pursue and document its effectiveness.  As a result, the global goal of TRI is to create a documentary where we fly to Africa, film the before and after results, and then present this on the web, on the Dr. Oz and Oprah shows, etc.  TRI has not as yet been successful in such an enterprise.

Meanwhile TRI has benefitted immeasurably by teaming up with the Myrrh Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Myrrh Foundation is undertaking the implementation of a limited mini-trial in Baltimore that will utilize a Protocol with both the key supplement plus two others [all over-the-counter] to provide a demonstration of its effectiveness as well as accumulate data to move to the next stage.  The enrollment process has already begun by the Myrrh Foundation.

A limited number of enrollees will have the Protocol provided without any cost but additional enrollees are encouraged who may be able to undertake the very modest cost themselves.  All the elements of the Protocol are cheaply and easily available on the web, there is no proprietary products involved, and there are no financial interests whatsoever on the part of the Trial supervisors.  The goal is to demonstrate that for pennies a day, a powerful intervention is available to any interested individual.

The Trial project is being directed and guided by the Myrrh Foundation with technical assistance supplied by TRI.  For further Trial information, contact the Director of the Myrrh Foundation, Debra Fuller.  You may email Steven_Evans@wikicuria.com and your email will be forwarded to her.