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There are two major areas we shall pursue in this project domain.


1. Rife Machines

First we are looking at the impact of frequency generator machines [also known as Rife machines] on health outcomes.  Rife machine therapy works by generating resonating or sound frequencies specific to each disease-causing microorganism, at an intensity that causes its cells to disintegrate. The resonating Rife frequencies enter the body through electrodes designed for the feet, hands or through electrodes placed on specific locations on the body.


Rife machine therapy was developed by Royal R. Rife, a brilliant scientific researcher who discovered the Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR) of over 50 disease-causing pathogens. By increasing each microorganism's electron frequency, the cellular structure of the microorganisms became compromised and unstable, and Dr. Rife's technology was then able to destroy them.   Most pathogenic microorganisms have weak and unstable cell walls. Rife machine therapy does not target normal body cells, whose cell membranes are not affected by these resonating frequencies.  According to Rife as well as subsequent, more extensive research, the side effects are minimal, and are usually associated with the accumulation and detoxification process of the pathogenic debris.


There is much controversy surrounding the practice of using Rife machines. The FDA has prohibited its medical use in the United States, but it may be used for experimental purposes [which is our only purpose.   It is used in other parts of the world, including Germany and China.


2.  Vibrational Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto has become famous throughout the world in the alternative medicine realm for his 1999 self-published book, The Messages of Water.  Since that time, his narrative and collection of photos of ice crystals has been picked up by independent publishing companies and has grown into subsequent works, such as The Hidden Messages in Water (HMW). Recently his work was featured in a highly controversial movie titled What the bleep do we know!? and published in an essay in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (JACM).


Encouraged by his early findings of the impact of music on water, Emoto began studying the effects of prayer, blessings, and spoken words.  His results indicated that water crystal formation was also sensitive to these things–yielding his current hypothesis; “Molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings.” (Emoto, Messages cover).  While Dr. Emoto has published his claim in one peer reviewed journal, it has neither been substantiated nor disproved by research scientists. Dr. Emoto, himself, stated “Even though my book, Message from Water, was first published in 1999 and has been translated in over 20 languages, I have not heard of anybody else conducting similar research” (Woodhouse), but it nonetheless appears that his work has widely been disregarded by traditional scientists and apparently does not merit further inspection. Yet If Dr. Emoto’s claims are true, then there are far reaching implications for the world, and the question that is posed in the Bleep movie becomes extremely important; “If thoughts can do this to water, what can they do to us?”


Our long term research goals in this area are two-fold.  First we shall attempt to investigate Dr. Emoto’s results in a rigorous manner to see if in fact they may be replicated.  Second we shall undertake to create suitable bottles of vibrational-induced water and assess its impact, if any on health outcomes.


Toward this end, we have created and have begun testing a vibrational-induced water which we call Signatures© Spiritual Vibrations water which contains vibrational signatures of:

*  Nine key healing frequencies

*  Tibetan chants

*  Spiritual healing vibrations from healing practitioners

*  Sacred healing toning by a member of the Sufi Healing Order

* Toning in Hebrew of the original sacred name of God [Yahweh]

* Chanting of the original name of Joshua [called Jesus in English]

* Toning of powerful healing words from vibrational water research


The anecdotal evidence has so far been very encouraging that this water has extremely useful immune-boosting and whole-body balancing effects.  One of its first applications is in the radiation protection domain.